fieramilanocity 6-9 June 2018

Venditalia 2018

Venditalia 2018, the most important Vending event worldwide, will take place in the area of Fieramilanocity from June 6th to 9th.

It promises to be an edition particularly rich in news: to enliven the four-day event an intense and qualified program of conferences and events will be organised, by Confida and Venditalia, on the main "hot topics" of the industry and the market. International talkshows, meetings, debates and presentations managed by the companies themselves, that will benefit from a dedicated Auditorium.

And thats is not all. Several services will be made available to all exhibitors at Venditalia 2018:



the opportunity to book the Auditorium for business presentations

sale riunioni e magazzini

the possibility to book ad hoc spaces for meeting rooms and storage, in a special area of the Pavilion, as well as access to meeting rooms provided by Venditalia;

offerte travel

travel and hospitality offerings tailor made for companies and attractive proposals to complement the business week with a relaxing weekend

reading room

the new "Business Matching - Reading Room - New Entry" area, that will represent an unprecedented opportunity for companies who want to enter the Vending market. In this space, in fact, business meetings with targeted distributors and manufacturers will be organised by Venditalia, according to companies needs.


For more information on Venditalia 2016, on additional services and costs, please contact us

Exhibitors list 2016

Fotogallery 2016

Some pictures of the four-days of  Venditalia, which was held in pavilions 3 and 4 at Fieramilanocity from 4 to 7 May, 2016.

Media partner 2016

ART&WORKS | D.A. Italia | Fantavending

media partner

D.A. Italia is a monthly magazine, founded in 2004 and now in its hundredth issue. Always committed to “giving voice” to the industry through interviews, images, services from conferences of interest and the international fairs of vending, D.A. Italia introduce to readers market reports of vending and all the industry news.

Link: D.A. Italia | Fantavending


VENDING PRESS | Vending Magazine

media partner

Vending Magazine, which is published by the Turin-based company Vending Press S.r.l., has been the leading Italian magazine for the automatic vending (AV) sector since 1977. We are writing to you because Vending Magazine is the ideal advertising channel for many businesses involved in the AV sector. Vending Magazine is published as 10 monthly issues. In addition, a European Guide to Vending Suppliers is published annually in January, and in 2016 it reached its 32th edition.

Link: Vending Magazine


FABIO RUSSO | Vending TV | Vending News

media partner

JAM VERLAG | Vending Spiegel

media partner

VendingSpiegel is an independent german magazine for operators and manufacturers as well as service providers involved in the vending machine industry. The target group primarily includes experts in vending enterprises who daily attend to strategic decisions in the business operations and the practical supply of local customers. In the process, all readers will be briefly and concisely informed about current industry and product innovations. Opinions and trends from politics and the industry rank foremost. Operators, suppliers, associations and manufacturers have their say here.

Link: Vending Spiegel



media partner

Mundo Vending is much more than a magazine. The oldest Spanish magazine on the vending market. After more than two decades publishing, Mundo Vending has become a reference for professionals, both manufacturers of vending and vending channel products as operators. Mundo Vending is distributed to vending operators, suppliers and manufacturers of vending, catering companies, industrial and transportation, etc., in service areas, campsites, rail, hotel and catering centers, government agencies and major health / hospitals.

Link: Mundo Vending


ARBRE | Distribuzione Moderna

media partner

Distribuzione Moderna ( is the first on line magazine for the italian retail and trade business community. News just in time, video reporting, interviews to the most important marketing managers of the main italian retailers and producers, focus on strategies, fast moving consumer goods market analysis and distribution policies: these are some of the topics we discuss about every day. We also collect data which compose a big database divided into specific clusters.

Link: Distribuzione Moderna


BE-MA EDITRICE | Rassegna dell'Imballaggio | Food Machines

media partner

BE-MA Editrice publishing house that has developed its offering editorial in optical media to oversee the process industry / packaging B2B (Rassegna dell’imballaggio,, newsletters and video).

Link: Rassegna dell'Imballaggio | Food Machines



media partner

In 2011 BeTheBoss Italy S.r.l. launched a digital magazine - Beesness – which deals with franchising , retail and new entrepreneurship. It appeals to those who want to pursue a new business graduates, students, professionals, young people, the traders and all those whose ambition is to become independent business men. There are about 20,000 unique readers on quarterly issues. Beesness is free and accessible in the following ways: website, peeling digital with print pdf, app for iOS and Android devices.

Link: Beesness


BEVERFOOD.COM EDIZIONI | Beverfood (Annuario)

media partner Edizioni publishes reports about the Italian beverage & coffee industry., with over 160.000 monthly visits, is a website full of news, images, databases and industry documents. It’ s also possible to download the GuideOnLine of products and companies, buy books and databases from the online store.

Link: Beverfood (Annuario)


DATIVO | Italia Imballaggio

media partner

GRUPPO FOOD | Bar Business

media partner

BAR BUSINESS is the media connection between the different figures in the Italian food service supply chain. A magazine and a website giving to entrepreuners and Ho.Re.Ca. operators all the useful informations to manage cafes, lounge bars, restaurants and hotels. Worldwide trends, case histories, Food cost Analysis, markets stats and focuses on new regulations.

Link: Bar Business


NEW BUSINESS MEDIA | Mark up | Gdoweek Digital

media partner

media partner

MARK UP is the magazine mouthpiece for instances of representatives of the system PRODUCTION - RETAIL - CONSUMPTION. The magazine gives space to current events, industry leaders, brand and marketing community. A multimedia publishing offer in print, on-line, web tv, award for timely and up-to-date information. The Italian and foreign retail world told through interviews, openings, technologies, focus on productive innovation and markets. In addition, direct contacts with the world of buyers and category managers. Who they are, what they buy, what they are looking for. Services: technologies at the service of retail, logistics, back office.

Link: Mark up | Gdoweek Digital


DATATEAM BUSINESS MEDIA | Vending International

media partner

Vending International is essential reading for facilities managers, operating companies and vending/catering specifiers, It provides an update on the latest innovations and services in the automated refreshment, vending and water industries. With up to the minute information on table-top and freestanding coffee solutions, POU and bottled water systems and new products, industry concepts and trends for its readers, Vending International keeps them at the forefront of this rapidly developing market. Published ten times a year both in print and online, Vending International is the UK’s only magazine for the vending industry.

Link: Vending International


2014 edition

With 250 exhibitors from 20 countries worldwide and approximately 20,000 operators Venditalia is still the most important fair in the world of Vending.

27,000 square meters of exhibition area, 250 exhibitors, including 20% from abroad and a substantial increase in visitors from over 90 countries; among these, stands the strong increase of the operators from Eastern Europe and Latin America.