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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The future of vending on display: smarter technology, innovative products and services that meet the needs of even the most demanding customers

From Wednesday  6th June until Saturday 9th June 2018, the eleventh instalment of Venditalia will take place. This is the International Trade Fair for Automatic Vending, organised by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida, the trade association which represents the diverse product groups in the entire Automatic Vending sector. 

THE KEY INTERNATIONAL EVENT. For the first time Venditalia will take place in June rather than the traditional time of May. Its new location just before summer is accompanied by the new Venditalia Milano logo. The specification of the Milanese city’s name does not represent a secondary emphasis, rather it expresses the strong dedication to the internationality of the event, which is staged in the economic capital, with Italy’s latest trends as its leading performers. The Milan brand identifies and encapsulates Made in Italy's excellence in art and design, in fashion and in shopping. And - of course - in vending. It is no coincidence that Italy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic vending machines with over 800,000 installed machines. 

TWENTY YEARS OF SUCCESS. The event, founded in 1998 by Confida and Anida, takes place every two years: the next, therefore, will be the twentieth anniversary edition. This is a symbolic goal that will provide an opportunity to photograph the transformation of vending over the last two decades. The two distinct features that constitute the industry’s evolution are, on the one hand, the constant improvement of product quality and sustainability, and on the other, the progressive circulation of vending machines in urban centres. Vending is, in short, ever-improving, green, and easily available to everyone.

SMART TECH AND SUSTAINABILITY. Automatic vending machines have become increasingly smart thanks to the introduction of IoT technologies. Venditalia is a worldwide showcase for illustrating the biggest innovations in the industry, which reflect the trends and needs of the market, such as technological evolution and eco-sustainability which are expressed in the selection of healthier foods that meet various consumer needs.

AN INNOVATION DRIVEN EXPO. Industry breakthroughs are constantly on the rise: exhibitors choose Venditalia specifically to unveil their innovative solutions with a “wow effect”. Thus, Milan's international showcase promises to provide important surprises. If "innovation" is the key word of the event, all industry-oriented companies looking for cutting-edge research know that they can count on Venditalia's worldwide economy to help outline the future of vending.


Venditalia 2016 Facts and Figures.

The Fair hosted nearly 300 exhibitors from all over the world (21 countries in 2016) occupying a total of about 14,000 square meters. Venditalia is the most important global showcase for this sector, capable of attracting more than 20,000 visitors every day, 26% of which come from abroad, mainly from France, Spain and Romania. The Italian region with the biggest turnout was Lombardy, followed by Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Sicily. Among the exhibitors to reach the podium were Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont respectively, while at a European level were Spain, Poland and Turkey.


Information on the Italian Market

On a European level, the Italian market is one of the most important markets for vending, it is fourth for sales and first for installed machines (source: EVA - European Vending Association).

The vending sector in Italy, between the automatic market (automatic machines) and portioned (wafer and capsule machines), totals 3.4 billion euro (1.8 billion of which represents the only automated market) and delivers 10.5 billion of consumption per year to 30 million Italians. In our country, there are over 800,000 vending machines that deliver coffee, hot and cold drinks, snacks or sandwiches and ready meals. There are about 3,000 companies in the industry which employ about 33,000 workers. (Source: Accenture Data for CONFIDA)


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