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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Couscous and "free from" food in the vending machines on the occasion of Venditalia, from 6 to 9 June at fieramilanocity

Milan, 16 May 2018. People no longer eat like in the past and this is evident. In the office, at school and in public places, vending machines for food products must now be able to conquer even the most demanding palates. The new eating habits and the increasing time spent away from the stove have pushed people towards alternative ways of eating.

After having conquered the large-scale retail trade and having reached the menus of bars and restaurants, the organic foods is proposed by the vending machines. This theme will be deepened at the pavilions of fieramilanocity from 6 to 9 June 2018 on the occasion of Venditalia, the most important international event of automatic distribution. The event, organized by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida - Italian Association of Automatic Distribution, is the most important sector showcase in the world, capable of attracting over 20,000 visitors participating in each event.

In recent years organic food has conquered the distributors, thus allowing people eating certified organic products at any time of the day. The organic products market in Italy is worth, in 2017, 3.5 billion (source Nomisma) in the domestic market (+ 15% compared to 2016 and + 153% compared to 2008) in addition to the export data of the organic made in Italy products worthing almost 2 billion and weighing 5% (+ 16% compared to 2015, + 408% compared to 2008) on total Italian agri-food exports (whose growth compared to 2008 stops at + 45%). Organic product sales (domestic and export) exceeded 5 billion (+ 9% compared to 2016 and + 218% compared to 2008).

In our country, and not only here, we are in fact affirming a critical spirit towards consumption, which are increasingly sustainable and green. That’s why the high-tech vending machines offering organic snacks and drinks in many varieties proliferate. However, organic products are not the only frontier of automatic distribution. This takes place in the age of snackification, where everything is becoming snacks, to adapt to the times and rhythms of life and work, and the offer is getting richer. From puffed rice snacks to sweets without sugars, consumption habits are changing internationally and the fragmentation of meals is not only affecting their frequency but also their composition. Lunches and dinners have been enriched with ingredients borrowed from other world cuisines and grafted onto traditional ones. That’s why also the couscous appears in the vending machines! The unstoppable growth of so-called "free from" products continues, those that do not have gluten, lactose or other elements. By now all the food products have their consideration included in the vending machine.

And even if Fortnite, a famous online role-playing game with survival theme, has given a great deal to the players of its community, introducing the functionality of real vending machines to make players interact, we can be sure that the automatic distribution industry is cutting out a really important role in everyday life.



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