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    If you are a player in these sectors, come and discover the distribution channel … you never thought of!

    Biscuits, Savory Snacks, Mineral Water, Spirits, Ready-to-eat meals (pasta, pizza) heated by the microwave, 4th range fruit and vegetables
    *Organic and fair-trade products:
    Organic products, Fair trade products, Gluten free
    *Non-Food basic necessitiesall around the clock:
    Diapers, Light bulbs, Batteries, Torches
    *Functional drinks
    *Parapharmacy products:
    Disinfectants, Plasters, Items for personal hygiene
    *Financial services:
    Banks: find out new automated payment systems!
    *Insurance policies:
    have you ever thought about securing a vending machine?
    Consumer Electronics (MP3 Players, Headsets, adapters, telephone cables), Glasses for virtual world and augmented reality, eBook readers
    *Clothing and accessories:
    Shoes, Ties, Portable Umbrellas, Cosmetics, Shirts, Pullovers, Perfumes
    *Digital recharge:
    Mobile phone top-ups, Air tickets, Phone charging stations
    Work and protective gloves, Glasses for protection and safety, safety shoes, Safety clothing and bracelets, head sets and ear cuffs, masks for the respiratory protection, helmets of safety and accessories.
    *Stationery and newsstands:
    Pens, Pencils, Stickers, Playing Cards
    Books, Graphic Novels, Comics

    Vending market

    Have you ever thought about a new market channel for your products?
    Whatever the product looks like Venditalia is the right exhibition for you..

    Vending Market in Italy

    Vending points of sale
    Annual consumption
    5 billions

    Annual consumers
    25 billions
    1,9 billions

    Vending Market in Europe

    Vending points of sale
    4 billions
    Annual consumption
    33 billions

    Annual consumers
    295 billions
    15,9 billions