Fiera Milano Rho

8 e 12

Porta est/East Gate
Porta sud/South Gate

Strada Statale del Sempione, 28
20017 Rho (Mi)

Orari/Days and times

15/18 Maggio/May 2024

sabato/Saturday 9.00/15.30

sabato/Saturday 9.30/15.00

Stampa/Press Office

Rosy Mazzanti
Tel. +39 0249977324

Simone Zavettieri
Tel. +39 0249977457

Segreteria organizzativa

Venditalia Servizi Srl
Via Napo Torriani, 29 - 20124 Milano
Tel +39 02 33105685
Fax +39 02 33105705

Chi puo' accedere

La manifestazione e' riservata agli operatori del settore previa registrazione
The event is reserved for industry professionals after registration

Great news for Venditalia 2020

28 January 2020 Press release
Venditalia ultimi giorni per stand

Are you ready for all the news about Venditalia 2020?

This year, the International Vending Show aims at breaking the previous editions records.

The new location, FieraMilano Rho, will bring many logistic advantages to participants: wider space on a single floor, leading-edge services, more efficient transport connections, more car parks and better access to facilities.

With regards to the trade show plan, debates and workshops have been multiplied. The conferences schedule will be the fullest ever. Two days (Thursday, 24th and Friday, 25th May) will be fully devoted to debates about the two main themes of the 12th edition of Venditalia: technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability has been indeed the key subject of the ‘RiVending’ tour. RiVending project was developed by CONFIDA – Italian Vending Association, COREPLA – European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations and UNIONPLAST – Italian Union of Plastic Processing Firms, with the aim of making the coffee break more sustainable, by recycling coffee machines’ small glasses and stirrers.

After the presentation of RiVending during many events in Italy, the project will be the main subject of Venditalia 2020, though debates about any aspects of sustainability linked to the vending sector. This is why you should not miss the crucial event for the future of the vending market, at FieraMilano Rho.


Please notice that there is still a small number of available stands areas. Contact us for reserving your space at venditalia 2020, the most important Vending Show.