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ART&WORKS | D.A. Italia | Fantavending

D.A. Italia is a monthly magazine, founded in 2004 and now in its hundredth issue. Always committed to “giving voice” to the industry through interviews, images, services from conferences of interest and the international fairs of vending, D.A. Italia introduce to readers market reports of vending and all the industry news.

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VENDING PRESS | Vending Magazine

Vending Magazine, which is published by the Turin-based company Vending Press S.r.l., has been the leading Italian magazine for the automatic vending (AV) sector since 1977. We are writing to you because Vending Magazine is the ideal advertising channel for many businesses involved in the AV sector. Vending Magazine is published as 10 monthly issues. In addition, a European Guide to Vending Suppliers is published annually in January, and in 2016 it reached its 32th edition.

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FABIO RUSSO | Vending TV | Vending News

Hipala comunication | Hostelvending is an online media, a digital magazine about unattended services. With more than 20 years of experience and more than 1,500 daily visits, Hostelvending has become a reference for the automatic restoration and its different business models such as OCS, micro-markets, payment systems, operator rankings, interviews with the main professionals of the sector and updated directories.

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Mundo Vending is the Spanish magazine specialized in the world of vending, OCS and Horeca with the longest history on the market and the only one of its kind that is published today on paper. Its first issue was published in September 1990. After more than 30 years of publication, Mundo Vending has established itself as a reference for professionals in the sector. 


BEVERFOOD.COM EDIZIONI | Beverfood Edizioni publishes reports about the Italian beverage & coffee industry., with over 500.000 monthly visits, is a website full of news, images, databases and industry documents. It’ s also possible to download the GuideOnLine of products and companies, buy books and databases from the online store.

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Tracing “the profile of things to come” has always been Mark Up’s mission. Every month, opinion leaders, research and consultancy companies, protagonists of marketing, retail and the world of consumer goods talk about tomorrow. In each edition, a Cover Story is published on highly topical issues related to innovation and based on the main themes of the newspaper: Marketing & Consumption, Protagonists & Strategies; Digital Retail; Retail Real Estate and Shopping Centers. Finally, the Mark Up Notebooks, in-depth analysis of consumer goods sectors.



The work tool for those who work in the bar world, this the slogan of Bargiornale since its foundation in 1979. Our platform is intended for a professional reader by nature curious; who wants to grow through knowledge; who wants to broaden his horizons to look further; who wants to be stimulated; who wants to know if there is a different way to go where he is going. Through research and careful observation of the market we offer professionals exclusive content, with particular attention to new products, the evolution of consumption and successful formats.



News and facts from the real world of packaging on paper and via web.
Publishing branch of Ucima and Acimac associations, Kairos Media Group publishes the magazine ItaliaImballaggio, in Italian and English since 1994 (, the PackBook yearbook, in Italian and English ( ), as well as the Packmedia International in English ( and Packaging Speaks Green, in Italian and English ( webmagazines.
In particular, ItaliaImballaggio magazine has been punctually and steadfastly reporting the events that animate the packaging & bottling sector. Over time it has become a link between Italian and international sector entrepreneurs (both material producers and machine builders) and the global market, facilitating the exchange of information.


Rassegna dell’Imballaggio | Food Machines | BM Beverage Machines |

Innovative Press publishes the historic “Rassegna dell’imballaggio” publications alongside the specialized magazines dedicated to the production process “Beverage Machines” and “Food Machines”, and the reference portals and

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