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VENDITALIA – the Ambassador of Sustainable Vending

7 November 2019 Press release

The circular economy is this sector’s fundamental goal: Venditalia tasked with running the RiVending Project, put together by Confida, Corepla, and Unionplast, for recovering plastic cups and stirrers supplied by automatic vending machines.

Public awareness at Ecomondo, from 5 to 8 November this year in Rimini, provides the occasion chosen by Venditalia to present development of the RiVending Project, put together by CONFIDA [Italian National Automatic Vending Association], COREPLA -[Italian National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling, and Recovery of Plastic Packaging], and UNIONPLAST – [Italian National Union of Industries for Transforming Plastics (the Rubber-Plastic Federation), in order to make the “coffee break” enjoyed by millions of Italians, ever more sustainable.

The Project aims to create a fully circular cycle for cups, stirrers, and water bottles provided by automatic vending machines located throughout Italy. By means of RiVending, automatic vending machine users will be urged to dispose of their cups and stirrers via a specific container, separately from other plastic packaging. This will make it possible to retrieve homogeneous plastic of very high quality, which will provide the raw material for a new production cycle.

After the launch in the form of a pilot project in the city of Parma, the goal of its founders is to extend the RiVending project countrywide, thereby contributing to the creation of not only effective recovery of this plastic, but also ever wider sensitivity to the matter of the circular economy, and simple actions that can support it in real terms.

Venditalia will be the main player in executing this project, promoting RiVending throughout Italy. The first goal of attaining the installation of 5,000 collection points, is set for 2020.

The collection points, located next to the vending machines, will make it possible to convey plastic cups and stirrers, giving rise to the real recycling phases themselves. It is expected, based on technical plastic cycle times, that within two years the first recycled plastic cups made using the material collected, will come into circulation.

In order to give a real insight into the project, at its exhibition stand at Ecomondo, launching of the process will be simulated, by having a collection point next to the vending machines, and the various phases will be illustrated for interested visitors and professionals.

By developing this project, Venditalia once again shows how it is looking to the future of the sector, and invites you from 20 to 23 May next year, at Fiera Milano, to the leading exhibition for the vending sector. The next edition will focus on the sustainability of the circular economy, with values found more and more throughout the supply chains one comes across in the world of automatic vending.

The 2020 edition is heralded to have a wealth of content: already more than 150 companies have indicated that they will be there as exhibitors thus far, and during the show there will be no lack of presentations of numerous sustainable innovations that operators, manufacturers, and distributors are concentrating on.

Venditalia will showcase the future of vending: technological and full of sustainable opportunities. The event will be from 20 to 23 May 2020 at Fiera Milano.